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University of Ljubljana
Faculty of electrical engineering
Laboratory of power systems


ELES d.o.o. (Slovenian TSO)


Calculation of the cost of new entry and the reliability standard

In the study, we reviewed the CONE calculations and determination of reliability standards in the field of security of supply in EU countries.

In accordance with the Methodology for calculating the value of lost load, the cost of new entry and the reliability standard, we performed the calculation of CONE and determined the reliability standards for Slovenia.

ELES d.o.o. (Slovenian TSO)


Assessment of costumer interruption costs

In the study, we presented the requirements for power quality in Slovenia and EU countries and based on surveys and calculations estimated the Value of Lost Load (VoLL).

ELES d.o.o. (Slovenian TSO)


Implementation of battery storage systems in load frequency control in the Slovenian electric power system

With the emerging development of battery storage systems, new solutions are offered regarding the provision of the ancillary services. Several storing technologies are available that differ considering technical and economic parameters. This study focuses on including battery storage system and his role in ensuring active-power reserves for load frequency control (LFC). The battery storage system should, therefore, replace the conventional power plants and improve the LFC performance. In this study, we have developed an approach, based on which we define the advisability of installing battery storage system in the electrical power system of Slovenia. Sensitivity analysis and cost-benefit analysis were included to ascertain the power/capacity ratio of the battery storage system for improved SFC performance.

The developed approach is based on the use of Monte Carlo simulation, which means analyzing the entire set of battery storage systems with different power ratings (up to 10 MW) and battery capacities of (up to 10 MWh). Also, the different technologies (three) and different strategies of charging and discharging of batteries (four scenarios) were included.

ELES d.o.o. (Slovenian TSO)


Power lines and transformers loadings calculation

The project SUMO provides operation limits identification considering the allowable current loadings of the lines and transformers in real-time. Additionally, the program enables forecast up to 3 hours in advance. This program has been developed for the needs of the System Operators (SO). SUMO combines various aspects; from temperature measurements of the lines, measurements of the daily weather parameters, performance assessments and forecasts of weather conditions, bus load forecasts, calculation of lines and transformers loading for the power system security conditions N and N-1 for the current and future state, and also a 3D visualization.

ELES d.o.o. (Slovenian TSO)


Short-term power lines and transformers loading forecast

This project provides real-time loading forecast calculation of the power lines and transformers for the power network topology of N and N-1, for up to three hours in advance. There are variety of methods for loading forecast. In this project we have decided to use the auto-regressive forecast method.

ELES d.o.o. (Slovenian TSO)


Assessment of investment efficiency on power system reliability

In this project, we have evaluated the analyzed the impact of the new realization of the new investments into the new strategic development plan of the high voltage power network in Republic of Slovenia. The project observed the technical and economic impacts of the new investment candidates. Consequently, the project outcome was an optimal development plan of the electrical power system in Slovenia.

ELES d.o.o. (Slovenian TSO)


Selection of indices to assess the reliability of the electricity supply in the Slovenian electrical power system

In this project, we have selected the majority of the reliability of the security of supply indices, which are used in the bigger part in the European Union. As a result, we have made a prioritize list of indices, which are preferred in the reliability of security of supply control in the transmission power network in Republic of Slovenia.

Borzen (Slovenian power market operator)


Creation and maintenance of applications for forecasting the electrical energy generation of the power plants in the "Eco Group"

In this project, we have created and developed an application for forecasting the electrical energy generation form renewable sources of energy, including solar power plants, wind, small hydroelectric plants and co-generation stations. The application provides electrical energy generation forecast of the generation units, part of the "Eco Skupina", for a period of up to 5 days in advance. The forecasts are used for selling the electrical energy from the renewable sources of energy generation units on the daily electricity market.

Elektro Celje d.d.


Present operation state analysis and improvements proposal for active-power losses reduce - a project for electricity network company Elektro Celje, d.d.

The goal of this project is to make a deep insight and comprehension of the active-power losses in the distribution power network of Electro Celje d.d. The project proposes measures to reduce the active-power losses.

GEN-I d.o.o.


The role of TPP TEŠ 6 in providing voltage profile support in the Slovenian electric power system (medium term forecast)

Voltage level in the power system is regulated by the power transformers and mainly indicated the generators reactive-power generation. Constructing new power plants, demands role-analysis in the electric power system (EPS) voltage profile support. The project analyses the role of the sixth block of TPP TEŠ in providing voltage support in the Slovenian EPS in the first few years of operation. For the purpose of the analysis, we have created a basic system model of the ENTSO-E network, region of the UCTE, for the year of analysis in 2009, with the main emphasis on the Slovenian EPS. The model also includes the 110 kV power network of Slovenia.

ELES d.o.o. (Slovenian TSO)


Methodology for active-power losses forecast in Slovenian transmission network

In this project we describe a methodology for active-power losses forecast in the Slovenian transmission network. The methodology enables the Slovenian TSO to correctly and accurately approach the electricity market, in order to procure ancillary services to reduce the costs for purchasing bulk electrical energy for active-power losses compensation.

ELES d.o.o. (Slovenian TSO)


Analysis of active-power losses reduce by using automatic reactive-power and generator voltage control in the Slovenian electric power system by using NEPLAN

This project considers historic-data analysis to include the most probable operational states for power-flow analysis. By using the software NEPLAN we have analyzed the different impacts of the voltage profile on active-power losses and we have adjusted the network parameters for voltage profile optimization in real time.

Ministry of economic development and technology


Long-term assessment of security of energy supply in Republic of Slovenia

In this project we have evaluated long-term security of energy supply in Republic of Slovenia, based on the assessment of the investment efficiency in the power network expansion process. We included network reliability indices to evaluate the impact individual power plants to provide information of the possible impact power system reliability. The project included both the electrical power and gas network.

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